Monday, May 3, 2010

Simplicity in the city

Simplicity in the city
The temperatures are rising together with the length of your skirt or your pair of shorts.
It’s wrong to over dress during the day when you are constantly on the walk going somewhere and always doing something. You must feel light like a feather and free as a bird../
Here are some propositions for the city…shorts, trunk suits, summer trench coats etc etc../
The ultimate accessory Your SMILE../
Iro T. xx 


  1. the concept and the cloths are very very cerfully chosen and are fantastic! From top to bottom..
    The Hat..the shous, the sunglases..the hole bunch! Me liky

  2. This has New York written all over it! Perfect casual look. Sometimes you just don't need to wear a whole lot of accessories to look stylish!