Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Everything is allowed…

Everything is allowed…

We are all keen with the idea of summer followed with light makeup But not this year. You can go black!

Don’t feel restricted, go ahead and wear that so much loved and adored Chanel black nail polish that you hold so dear, do a smoky eye this summer../

Caution, if you do go forward with a bolder makeup do not follow that idea with your cloths to.  The result will not be appropriate../

Prefer to wear something very flirty, light and bright (not in extremes)../

Wavy hair, girly attitude and rock & roll make up../ 
Iro T. xx

Vogeu Italia May 2010


  1. Love , love, love the pics! And so love the dark nail polishes :)

  2. That's a wonderful photoshoot! I love black and white pics, the always create this retro atmosphere! Lovely!