Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let’s ride a bike to San Tropez

Let’s ride a bike to San Tropez

Karl does it again..with a shot movie mastered from top to bottom .
Chanel at its best, Karl at his best & San Tropez at its best../

(When seeing this I forgot the monstrosity of the line ‘Spring ready-to-wear of 2010’ excluding some peaces)

P.s. Special Thanks to a friend “Elisabeth” for bringing it to my notice../

Enjoy the ride../
Iro T. xx

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When are they going to act for OUR FUTURE & not for their Egos?

When are they going to Act for OUR FUTURE & not for their Egos?

The Athenian city on the 5th of May
We Fought for our country and WON (This is what are ancestors would say)../
Don’t you think you MUST do the same? (Goes to the Politicians)
Don’t you feel the erg to fight for your people and your country?
When did the belief of a better tomorrow for your citizens & country turn into ashes and the oath you so willingly took when you were put at the position to do so?
Don’t you feel any contemplation for what you have turned Greece to be this past 30 years? Supposedly placing people of lesser background, but of equal mind, would better the politics used and not turn into money-sucking vampires that wouldn’t even stop from stealing from its own people.
And NOW; you have the arrogance to demand from the same people that you stole from to pay for YOUR DEBTS. Debts that you have turned into houses, cars, summer houses, yachts, offshore accounts and you so  pleasurably flaunt it for other to see.
BRAVO, BRAVISIMO, you made it. You must be proud of your self’s when you look at your reflection in the mirror.
I am sure that you see your self’s like small miniatures of Napoleon, reformers, revolutionary thinkers and last but not least GREAT POLLITICIANS../
History is written NOW, TODAY and you are doing everything in your power to settle without a fight; What a shame and a pity it is, for the reason that, you will live to remember ‘today’ and not be able to change your wrongs and that shall be your punishment../
Iro T.
   What do I think your reflection looks like; Like This../ Salvador Dali


Greeks during World War 2
Fighting for Freedom
The 1st pic. and sec. compares the SS with the Greeks 
Greeks 1821

Monday, May 10, 2010

Playing with the sand grains and the ray of sunlight.

Playing with the sand grains and the ray of sunlight../ 

Flaunt it../

"Do not forget to always use sunblock../" 

Don’t be afraid to sparkle yourself with some teeny-tiny of charms../
(I said teeny-tiny not the entire jewelry shop)
Iro T.

I am Golden

We are a golden generation…/

To all of us out there; lets never forget the treasures of this life../

When this summer finds you snooping around for the fruits of treasury don’t forget to be the Captain of your ship../

Iro T. xx

By Txema Yeste: Tush, Spring 2010

P.s. I am sorry for not posting anything for you to enjoy but the situation in Greece is hectic and even more sadly human souls left this world so unjust.  It would be quite unfair for these ppl for us to go on with our lives without have any contemplation../