Wednesday, April 28, 2010

McQ By Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter

McQ By Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2010 Lookbook

I have immense respect towards the early past away Alexander McQeen and his work.
However, that’s not something I can say for this autumn/winter look book, sorry. Looking like a homeless occasionaly is not a look I can describe as, even close, to the grudge look.
I can see the mystery in the cutting and patching in the cloths but I would not wear them all together because they won’t take you were you want to go!
Personally, I would select each piece one by oneand wear it accordingly in order to support the grudge look accordingly and not looking like a clown../
Iro T     

This is Intresting! In matters of styling../

This for example is my every sence '

clothing and styling'


  1. The colouring of the shoes that are showed on the last pic. are exreamly ugly! why? would anyone wear those? My God the selection of colours is horible! It reminds me of the old, bad Wich in the story's we read when we where children!

  2. Loved the tmy style, but I loved them! R.I.P. Al. McQueen...

  3. i would say a kind of grunge inspired harajuku look.. not a good combination..! some garments individually look good but the overall styling may be edgy but not flattering...agree with iro t

    again, respect to the passed away creator and visionary

    angela t.