Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hippie Vogue Germany May 2010

It is finely summer, thus, we are all ready to wear those loose dresses, chunky jewels and gladiator sandals that we are all longing for all year long../
Then again bf we even start thinking about the clothes we must figure out our hair. 
So, here I give you some ideas that will come in handy later on this month../           

Iro T. 


  1. incredible hairstyles!!why can't it grow longer damn it???
    i have the exact same length for 3 months!!!feels like i'm wearing a permanent
    love the four first pics!!

  2. Wow, love those hairdos...great pics! I am a new follower now. You can stop by my blog if you like to:

  3. Thank you La Fashionelle..! you will hear back from me!