Monday, January 16, 2012

When Craft Meets The Dooms Of Fashion

Little Shilpa is Shilpa Chavan../

Many things she is 
milliner, stylist, fashion designer & artist../

The work she presents is by definition,
 a denouncement of boundaries../

Plus, picturesque of her rootedness in the Mumbai culture../ 

 "No object is too humble to be considered an inspiration,"

Shilpa Chavan../

 So, what is it that we see;

Mouvement, color & detail../ 

Daring and outreached../ 

Tempting the mind, 

Beyond wearable & Stage Art../  

You do not have to look for the detail, 

It's right there in front of you to gaze at../

Wanting to reach out and touch the intensity../ 

Achievement : Daring to wear it../

Iro T. xx 

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