Monday, April 19, 2010

Visual Opium

Visual Opium

Even though ‘on to the next one’ is not one of J-z’s best sounding songs, I must say it’s one of the..Most creative videos I have seen lately. Do watch the video and tell me your opinion on his video clip.../

I cant stress enough the matter of today's lack of creativity in the world of movies, video and art in general, when during these times of technological boost artist rely only on visual effects or cheesy wearable concepts.


Director, Sam Brown

There are rumors that Jay-z is a "Hip-Hop's Master Mason" and the Blueprint pays homage to a secret society however and I quota “That's crazy to me," Jay stated. "I gotta remind people I'm from Marcy Projects. I can't get into a golf club in Palm Springs." Accusations are also denied and found absurd by Swizz Bearz and director Sam Brown.

P.S ' I beleave all of these accusations are are a load of Bullsh**'
"Inspiration and freedom in ART is Mandatory " 

Special Thanks to a Friend for referring this to me../

Iro T.  

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  1. This is song is addictive eventhough at first it sounds rong!