Friday, April 9, 2010

The, Louie Austen

From a Suigeneris night club crooner to one of the most enlivening performer’s electronic music has to offer and this being in his 60ies! An Austrian from Vienna whose voice notes us back to the 40s. 

This song is my latest obsestion../ (LiSTen) 

Sounds of Jazz plus Electro 

“Art must be a matter of life and death – otherwise it’s not art“ is Louie´s sincere certainty. 

 "I´ll never retire, I´ll probably die on stage but I don´t give a fuck!"

In the Year 1999 the Viennese Electro scene gives birth to a new and surprising idea. A Viennese electronic producer differentiates his experimental electronic tracks with Louie Austen’s velvety voice. 
His first album “Consequences“ (1999) is well received in the club scene and the first concerts turn out promising, that’s the time when Louie makes a gutsy decision. “I decided there and then to resign from all other jobs and to completely dedicate myself to this new project for a period of two years“.
Louie Austen wasn’t ready to cease his two years journey. Instead he came together with Viennese electronics pioneers on two more albums, “Only Tonight“ (2001) and “Easy Love“ (2003). 

This is smt for you to settle back and enjoy with a glass of red wine, or on the beach while the sun is setting on you../

Iro T

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